Claes Oldenburg and the Art of the Everyday

Welcome back to another video blog! Today’s video is about one of my favorite pop artists, Claes Oldenburg. Oldenburg stands out to me as a really fascinating figure in the movement of pop-Art which came out as a reaction against the dominant school of Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s and 1960s. Instead of following Abstract Expressionism’s values of art elevated above the realm of everyday life, pop-Art strove to plant art firmly within the banal reality of every-day existence. By creating monumental works of art that depict nothing exciting, just everyday objects one encounters every day and often overlooks due to their banality, Oldenburg forces the viewer to think about himself, society, politics, and beauty in an entirely unique way.

“Floor Cake,” 1962
“Soft Toilet,” 1966
“Two Cheeseburgers, with Everything,” 1962


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