About Me

As a young child, I fell asleep to bedtime stories about Andy Warhol, on family trips, my parents and I visited Giverny to see Claude Monet’s lily pads, and at my grandparents home I often encountered artists such as Frank Gehry and Ed Ruscha. Together, my mother and I visited museums all over the world, and whether programmed into my DNA or nurtured by my environment, I manifested a passion for all things art at an unusually early age.

By the time I entered high school, I was deeply immersed in the histories and works of my favorite artists from Schiele to Frankenthaler. And by the time I completed high school, it excited me to look at a contemporary artist, such as Picasso, and understand that his influences could be traced back hundreds of years to early African art.

It is my intention through this website to communicate the importance of art to my younger contemporaries, whether they be ten or twenty, so that we can continue to live in a society that understands how vital art is, not just as beautiful objects, but as a necessary tool for communication and the documentation of human history.